The infinite sky
Providing shelters whites as snow
Like true companions with clip hands
As mightier than the breaking waves
Even in old age, you thrive with fresh dew
And send down the myrrh
Majestic in heights
To still the brim stones with chills,
Greasing the orchards in flowering bulbs,
Do not babble in your string guitars
That I may pay head to your tambourines
But leave on and see
Your goodness in Lebanon
Were suckling’s feed from different breed
You spread the fog to screen them off
With pillars of fire to guard the night
And to protect the weaklings
In a den of death, were
My thinking expires,
So as to rise in the morning and
The infinite sky!




Goodbye is the hardest word to say,
As the words come out of the mouth
The part of me tears away,
I have alot of questions in mind
How does one begin to say goodbye?
When the beloved has already took flight?
Does one wave at the clouds?
Singing birds be his replies,
Lightning and thunder be his disgust
Striking my back he once bathed,
Hoped he brought rain to wash away my past
His face disappear with the clouds at dusk,
Then all that’s left to be said would be goodbye.

I went to the place we used to meet
Reminiscing with myself of the old me,
In hope you would come again to greet me
Kindly ask to sit on the table holdings drinks,
Remind me how much you love me.
That I am looking beautiful in my red dress
Feathers and pearls awaiting on our bed;
I needed you to walk in the door
We all awaited your arrival at the Mosque,
To see my face for the last time when it dawned
To tell me you with me when I walk,
My soul from Earth to the outer world
But every death of mine,the other me is born
The reasons you could not say goodbye.



I can see!
I think we can! From juniper trees,
Under the umbrella of her shadows
Right in the blacksmith glows
To feel the blaze, while some hover in foot part of hens.
I can piece through!
You feel I can! Either side of the divide
Even the casket between walls, of rooftops
Without holes.
Beyond realities of snipers, and
Clays in spit mold.
Far behind cloudy ears.
Do you believe I can?
Through the glass in thousand miles
From vintage of warm springs
Even the queen in bee’s assembly
Gave a nod of sight regains
When it became real
By the kings might
Of surpassing love
That… I!
Can see!!!















They dock to cower
In sixth sense
To void the hovering hawk
With the silver teeth
And right after the break
Lightens took a seat
In beams of good rest
To usher the struggle
Of those beneath man
Sometimes in April
A job for the crag
For roofless souls
Even in winters might
Prepared for the rabbits
Within their shining eyes
From the potters chase
Like cobras dive
In a crawlers dome
To elope the danger
By divers species
Which survives the ark?
But leaved in circuit
Within the worries
Just by fate
To graze a land
When the mountain
Shelters their suckling’s


Massive but cozy
In the flamboyant arena
To decorate the bed with money changers
Like in flip flap swag
As tycoons of century
A corner of hit parade
They run it to show off
From club 9 houses
Like filled wallet of papers
To woo the mini skirts
The point to romantic flaunt
We denied after the goal
In a glance of class
By affluence theory
Without the ghetto smell
She sashayed away just to kill a bug
A pride of paralleled falls
From gabs price
Like the hysteric fashion
To exclude them in circles


Embers on the lounge
In the sneeze of time
To swap ears together
For ceasers burial
But run not with the mod
Just in money praise
We never dream of capsules
In a finish race
A sly chemistry
As debate of legend
The speech of hear-say
Were sparrow women
Bate in gold puddings
From eloquent source
In the platform of kings
When am in audience grease



Copy of xabd383c90k
Oh! My sweet lily.
Like saffron of hanging forest,
In flames of love, even rivers never wash away
The bond from skin to skin. Can I place
As seal upon my heart?

The unending desire of your loins
From pigeon holes of burning smells, we
Stick to glue, like watering dish and
Let me take you into the sky, the
Pleiades stars in Taurus constellation
Were the Orion dwells as inner being?

To feel the passion of clothed clouds
Wrapped in thick gloom,
So as to soar like falcons
Under my lotus tree, in poplars of hairy valleys.
When I wipe her tears with lasting kiss

And she pulled away!
By dreams and dreams
Of juicy canals
On my ribbon and
Rose flower bed.