About me

timMy name is “Ugbomeh Timothy”.  I am an avid reader, a creative writer, a poet, a researcher, and an author in prospect. I have cross my “T” and doth my “I” of over hundred novels in circulation.

   This project is born out of my desire to give back to the public something to cherish from my little archive. It is diverse in nature, as it cut across Lifestyles, Poetry, Quotes, Science and news in brief, more so, it is for public Enlightenment.

   Poetry is like music for the matured minds, it is only when you have train your perceptive powers to distinguish, then you will be able to understand the unfolding lyrics of events. Presently, am working on a collection of diverse poetry volume 1 (some of which I call “descriptive poetry”) and a novel that focus on Romance, Love and Betrayal. To all my fans, followers, good-reads and face-book likes, I beg your indulgence, till next year end “2015” when this work will be ready for you all. You can reach me on this e-mail: timzygar4real@gmail.com.

   So sit back to enjoy, as you explore the sea I have cast my bread so as to discover Gems of inestimable value……………….



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