Lifestyle and Prostate Health


Lifestyle and Prostate Health
Lifestyle has a significant impact on prostate health and can increase your risk of prostate cancer and other prostate disorders. The daily decisions you take as to what to eat, drink, smoke, medicate yourself with or indulge in insofar as illicit drugs can all add up to an unhealthy prostate. Even your workplace can contribute to an increased risk of prostate cancer if you are being exposed to toxins, additives in foods, environmental pollutants or pesticides in foods. Maintaining maximum wellness and immunity is about stacking the cards in your favor and making the best choices for a healthy lifestyle. For example:
Alcohol and Prostate Health
Studies have shown that men who drank two or more standard drinks per day had about a 20 percent greater chance of developing prostate cancer. Read more about how alcohol affects prostate health.

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