Weep not! My child.
From tears of sky falls,
on roofless mountains and rivers, were
wales took eels for a dish!

 Weep not! But possess the sky
to send its blessing in showers.
Like dews of Harmon, were
geese and turkeys smiles.

Weep not! By the ravening storm
that encircles graze of cows and horses
to evict the fatherless boys, were
Beams of hope are like glassy shatters

Weep not! For the rays above
that gives warmth for winter time
which shows me beauty in Milky Way, were
it glitters and twinkle in awesome power.

Weep not! Of times and seasons
when someone you love dies
to console the living, were
fate leads hens into cooking pots.

Weep not! Sweet mother………

Written: as dedication to widows and motherless child

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