In the envelope of deep shadow
I was left with no one
The room echo’s inside within
The still born remains still
There’s no cry of babies any longer
They stops singing on moonlight
Trees on the plain became motionless
Winds have gone back to sky

My feelings are like chick in egg shell
Turning around but only feel the wall
Fake consciousness was the hollow
Then it down on me I have nobody
I lay down on bed really without warmth
With no one on sight I wept on deaf ears
Sanity in Broad Street was illusion
Then I stoop to conquer all alone

 Crushed and dejected they left me
It was like a stone on the heart
Sounds itself becomes the taboo
Just imagine, am the only being in town
It got me mad to wake up and see nothing
Then I rose and placed my hand on the chest
I pulled and cast it far into the abyss
Hmmm, I have thrown loneliness away


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