immuneglobulinSCIENCE and technology make it possible to identify and extract elements from blood through a process called fractionation. To illustrate: Seawater, which is 95 percent water, can be divided through fractionation processes in order to capture the remaining substances present, such as magnesium, bromine and, of course, salt. Likewise, blood plasma which make up more than half of the volume of whole blood,  is over 90 percent water and can be processed to harvest fractions including proteins, such as albumin, fibrinogen, and various globulins.

   As part of a treatment or therapy, a doctor might recommend concentrated amounts of plasma fraction. An example of such is protein-rich cryoprecipitate, which is obtain by freezing and then thawing plasma. This insoluble portion of plasma is rich in coagulation factors and is usually giving to patients to stop bleeding. Other treatment may involve a product that contains a blood fraction, whether in trace amounts or a primary ingredient. Some plasma proteins are used in routine injection that can help to increase immunity after exposure to infectious agents. Nearly all blood fractions being used in medical applications consist of the proteins in blood plasma.

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