Crufts Dog Show 2006

My Dog won’t come when I call him.” “My dog barks so much that the neighbors are complaining.” “My dog is always jumping on me and my visitors.” In all such cases, frustrated pets owners are asking, “what can I do?

The answer is to probably to give your dog the basic obedience training-teaching it to respond to simple commands. Of cause, it is best to begin while your dog is still a puppy. But even older dog can learn. Dogs are intelligent. They have been trained to sniff out drugs and explosives, assist the handicapped, and performed search and rescued missions. But how can you train your dog to obey you?

Here are some: vital tips for training a Dog.
1. Be consistent in your use of words of commands.
2. Use liberal praise as a reward. Many dogs will do more for affection than for food.
3. Dogs like to hear their name, and it gets their attention. So use your dog’s name along with commands. (“Rover, sit!”) But do not use your dogs name in conjunction with a reprimand, such as “No!” Your dog must learn that responding to its name brings positive-not negative-results.
4. Keep training sessions short and pleasurable.
5. Do not inadvertently reinforce negative behavior by giving your dog a lot of attention when it misbehaves. This will only result in repetition of the undesired behavior.

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