The Buyers Poison


They appear in different styles of fashion
in motel chalets of doom
perching as flies in the clubs
with spaghatti wears to lure
conning but seductive is their weapon

In the waist of balloon booty
that woos the eye to slavery
a forbiden fruit that catches me unawares
just as seen in cartoon pages
you are welcomed to seat on gunpowder

In dreams they bore hole in my pockets
with hands tied in space the battle begins
pounding their beats in classical symbals
till the sweet run short in its necter
a subject of beclouded circumstance

Caged in shackles of hookers lodge
afraid to be looser, i bought with hard currency
to your chagrin it never get filled
as you dive into the stinking oblivion
our destiny is within the arms reach
always play safe in outside within.

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