Like skinny sun bird
Never mind to flock around
Dream big and nutty
In family size pizza park
Gulping mouth full’s to satisfy
Quench taste without end
Giving the gases in a sitting room

Bustles the belly by hissing
Rock and roll in chisbugger train
Necktie enslave to fast food
Oliver comes asking for more
Calories provoked grow fat wide
Keep going with fantasy in mind absence
Closer destination no vigor to return

Indoors dilemma becomes reality
It blew up on my face
Illusory shirt size in the market
No more rooms in hell
As fear grip coffins willing not to waste planks
Bedeviled with doom in killer tanks

Got no option left but surgery
Righting the wrong of fats
Survival of the fittest on bare hands
Mocking and laughing in pages but made money
The hips makes it clear
Does the good conquer the evil in theater?
Don’t fall a victim of the wrong fats


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