Who am I?
A pillar and support for Africa
Like streams of water in a waterless region
Crag shadows in exhausted land
You proved to be apples of gold
In silver carvings

Strain for equal right and justice
Remembrance made me not to forget
In your name icons take a bow
As you set the pace in crystals
Our blessed gift

your melodies shook the earth
The driver of patriotism
Bridges the divides of blacks and whites
Mark Soweto in love
And perfect habitat

Will power of sarafina
Never can anyone bring to rubble
Diamond in the park is sacrifice
Let it begin
But farther than imagined

They pummel heredity to extinct
Hopes were visual in democracy
worthy to mimic
Like glitters you stand out
Muscle up to squeeze apartheid

Too soon to gone, the iroko of time
Hatched down by the sting of death
In Sheol please do take a rest
OH! Madiba, will you live again
Who am i?

{Nelson Mandela of South Africa}


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