6 Tips For Preparation During Pregnancy


Granted, the birth of every new child is a joyous occasion in the family. The father is aglow with pride. Because this happy scene occurs millions of times every year, it is easy to take normal childbirth for granted. After all it is a natural process-so what is there to worry about?
Sometimes, births usually go well, and at times they do not. Hence, prudent prospective parents take reasonable measures to avoid unnecessary complications. Here are suggested tips for preparation during pregnancy:
1. Choose your hospital/doctor or midwife wisely by doing advance research.
2. Make regular visits to your doctor or midwife, establishing a trusting, and friendly relationship.
3. If you experience premature labor pains (prior to the 37th week), contact your doctor or maternity ward immediately. Prompt attention may help to prevent a premature delivery.
4. Give careful attention to your health. If possible take the appropriate vitamins, but avoid medication (even over the counter products) unless your doctor approves. It is wise to avoid alcohol. “Although the highest risk is to babies whose mothers drink heavily, it is not Clare yet whether there is any completely safe level of alcohol during pregnancy.” States the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
5. Document personal decisions relating to medical care.
6. After the birth be mindful of your health and that of your baby, especially if the baby came prematurely. Consult the pediatrician right away if you have any problems.

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