Israeli soldiers role playing as mock victims lie on the ground during a drill simulating a missile attack in Holon

Plunder they become at the mention of you
The earth you soak with innocent blood
When you are not called to settle dispute

All creation keeps groaning, if you answer
There is great weeping and morning earth wide
When you piles them in hips

Nations become wrathful when your wrath came
You bring them to their extinction
When you use your weapon of science

As pangs of distress you devour kingdoms
Upon them sudden destruction came to be
When they clamored for peace and security

In Hiroshima you made use of science
The history becomes an unforgettable one
When you buried them in hundreds of thousands

The wars of men he cease to the extremity of earth
Shout in gladness, there will be no more wars
When death is swallowed up forever!


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