Nine Factors Contrbuting To Violent Crimes


CRIME Appears to be a permanent fixture of modern society. Despite well meaning efforts of social workers, law enforcement agencies, and criminal rehabilitation professionals the world is becoming a more dangerous place. According to the B.B.C. Dictionary, Crime is defined as an illegal action of which a person can be punished by law. It can also be referred to as action which seems morally wrong as a crime.

All crimes are evil. But mindless or purposeless crimes are harder to understand. T he fact that they are often without an obvious motive baffles investigators. With mass communication becoming much more effective in recent years, such appalling crimes are known to millions even billions, within hours. A report published by the World Health Organization States that “Violence leaves no continent, no country and few communities untouched.”

Many experts feel that the following can contribute to senseless crimes.

  1. Family breakdown.
  2. Hate groups, extremists.
  3. Dangerous cults.
  4. Abuse of drugs.
  5. Inability to cope with problems.
  6. Violence in entertainments.
  7. Exposure to actual violence.
  8. Easy access to destructive weapon.
  9. Certain conditions of mental illness.

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