The infinite sky
Providing shelters whites as snow
Like true companions with clip hands
As mightier than the breaking waves
Even in old age, you thrive with fresh dew
And send down the myrrh
Majestic in heights
To still the brim stones with chills,
Greasing the orchards in flowering bulbs,
Do not babble in your string guitars
That I may pay head to your tambourines
But leave on and see
Your goodness in Lebanon
Were suckling’s feed from different breed
You spread the fog to screen them off
With pillars of fire to guard the night
And to protect the weaklings
In a den of death, were
My thinking expires,
So as to rise in the morning and
The infinite sky!



Goodbye is the hardest word to say,
As the words come out of the mouth
The part of me tears away,
I have alot of questions in mind
How does one begin to say goodbye?
When the beloved has already took flight?
Does one wave at the clouds?
Singing birds be his replies,
Lightning and thunder be his disgust
Striking my back he once bathed,
Hoped he brought rain to wash away my past
His face disappear with the clouds at dusk,
Then all that’s left to be said would be goodbye.

I went to the place we used to meet
Reminiscing with myself of the old me,
In hope you would come again to greet me
Kindly ask to sit on the table holdings drinks,
Remind me how much you love me.
That I am looking beautiful in my red dress
Feathers and pearls awaiting on our bed;
I needed you to walk in the door
We all awaited your arrival at the Mosque,
To see my face for the last time when it dawned
To tell me you with me when I walk,
My soul from Earth to the outer world
But every death of mine,the other me is born
The reasons you could not say goodbye.

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